• Волгоградская ротонда – сооружение с колоннами, соединяющее лестницей нижнюю и верхнюю террасы Центральной набережной им. 62-й Армии.

Metallurgists square

110, Lenin avenue

Stop: ZKO, Tsaritsyn Opera

The square is located right next to the building of the plant management of the Krasny Oktyabr metallurgical plant, but not all the townspeople know about it. For many years it was abandoned. In 2019, reconstruction began, the result of which became a gift for the residents of the district for the summer season — 2020.

From a deserted gloomy place, the square has turned into a modern recreation area. They decided to decorate the square in the French style. After all, once, in 1897, the plant was founded by the French joint-stock Ural-Volga metallurgical company.
The village opposite the factory is still called «Malaya Frantsiya». The square was completely rebuilt. Only the grave of Olga Kovaleva, the first woman steelmaker of the «Red October» who died in August 1942, and a memorial stele in honor of the smelting of the 100 millionth ton of steel, remained in their places.

A distinctive feature of the square is several fountains of various shapes. The square is divided into three recreation areas, each with its own fountain. On hot summer days, it is especially crowded around them.

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