• Волгоградская ротонда – сооружение с колоннами, соединяющее лестницей нижнюю и верхнюю террасы Центральной набережной им. 62-й Армии.

Cinema «Udarnik»

12, F.E.Dzerzhinsky Street

Stop: Tret’ya shkola

Cinema« «Udarnik» is » one of the first sound cinemas, built in 1931 in the Upper settlement of STZ. After the war, the building of the cinema was rebuilt according to the project of architects V.N.Simbirtsev and E.I. Levitan.

The architectural solution is made in the classic tradition. This project was not unique. Such handsome cinemas have appeared in several other cities. For example, the twin brother ««Udarnik» » is located in Izhevsk andcalled «Druzhba», and in the Latvian city of Daugavpils there is a cinema «Daugava».

After the restoration, Сinema «“Udarnik”» opened the doors on the 15th of November, 1949. Nowadays, not many people can notice, but if they look closely at the old photographs, they can see a small singularity. Stalingrad architectures not only have renovated the old cinema, but also have built a real colonnade. Columns crown the front entrance to the cinema, they are also elements of the balconies of nearby houses. Finally, lampposts are also columns. Once a newly rebuilt corner of the former Sotsgorodok could be called «Colonnade Square».

Nowadays «“Udarnik” is » one of the most beautiful buildings in the Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd. There are Youth Center for Cinema and Leisure “Udarnik” in the building. The facade has preserved decorative elements of the former splendor of the Stalinist Empire style, including the coat of arms of the RSFSR.

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