• Волгоградская ротонда – сооружение с колоннами, соединяющее лестницей нижнюю и верхнюю террасы Центральной набережной им. 62-й Армии.


3, Bogunskaya street

Stop: Bogunskaya street

Several stops separate Gagarin park from an interesting architectural object about which little is known. The Culture Center, built in the first post-war decades, attracts the eye with its ceremonial appearance: columns and stucco molding above the central entrance with the inscription «40 years of October».


This inscription is the only thing that indicates the approximate year of construction of the building. His closest neighbor is a residential building at 7, Bogunskaya street — built in 1957. But the exact date has not yet been established.

In the 1970s, an extension was made to the building designed by V. Ya. Danilova — now the building of the specialized children’s and youth school of the Olympic reserve number 21. From the side of the Bohunskaya street annex is faced with white marble and an artistically executed bas-relief (the author is not known).


In the center there are young man and woman, above them the inscription: «40 years of October».On the left side of the bas-relief is carved a revolutionary crowd, among which are a sailor, a girl, soldiers and workers. The Alexandrine Columnrises above them. From the right corner of the bas-relief — depicts the virgins in tunics with attributes of the arts (muses), they stand at the ancient columns.

The bas-relief most of all attracts the glances of passers-by, as an example of Soviet monumental art. However, an attentive excursionist will notice a marble tablet: «To the first builders of the Volgogradmetallurgstroy trust, who built the Tractor Plant in 1927-1930.». Literary sources, without much difficulty, refute the incompetence of the loud statement made on the commemorative plaque. The questions that appear after reading make the thoughtful person dive deeper into the events of the urban history of a century ago and seek the truth.

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